Modulation, Epilepsy

Description of main activities (2-4 lines)
Deep Brain Stimulation for epilepsy can be helpful to alleviate the burden of ongoing seizures in patients with drug resistant epilepsy. Not all patients however benefit from the treatment. Our research focuses on the underlying mechanisms of effects and side-effects of the treatment, including understanding of the electrophysiology of the stimulated areas, to be able to improve the effects of the DBS. Activities are in collaboration with FPN and Kempenhaeghe/ Academic Center of Epileptology (ACE).

Unique contributions and highlights (3-5 lines)
Defining the electrophysiological profile of the anterior nucleus of the thalamus

Using perioperative microelectrode recordings, we were able to define the neurophysiological profile of the anterior nucleus of the thalamus (see Figure). We compared these profiles between responders and non-responders, but did not find differences (Schaper et al, IJNS 2019, 1850012).

Electrophysiological recordings of internal capsule, thalamus, and anterior thalamic nucleus, showing the typical bursting activity of the anterior thalamic neurons.
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